Burda Burda Burda!

Sew Well - BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Wardrobe Essentials

Yesterday I showed off the new top I made (and have been wearing constantly!) from the BurdaStyle 11/2011 Knit Wrap Top #114A pattern, which I got from the new book BurdaStyle Modern Sewing: Wardrobe Essentials.  I’m back today with a little more about the book since it was sent to me by Interweave/F+W for review.  Bonus:  it retails for $29.99, but last I checked it was on sale through the link above for $15.00!  (And, that link is not an affiliate link, so if you’re not a fan of affiliate links but would like to take advantage of the sale, click away!)

Sew Well - BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Wardrobe Essentials

But, before you buy, maybe you want to see a little more of the book?

I’ve always been a big fan of BurdaStyle.  Once upon a time, I was even one of their regular bloggers!  But, these days I find it hard enough to make time to keep up with my own blog, so I’ve given up even thinking about posting my finished projects to social sewing sites like BurdaStyle.  I definitely miss being up to date with everything going on over there though, and it was so nice to get a peek at their new book!  The book is essentially a select collection of previously published patterns.  And, to my enjoyment, I recognized many of the patterns in the book from my days working with BurdaStyle!  In fact, back in my BurdaStyle heyday, I even made one of the patterns that they decided to include in this book!

Sew Well - BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Wardrobe Essentials

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you might recognize the stripey swing dress that I made from the Swing Dress 08/2012 #133 pattern.  I liked the style lines of the top so much, I also used this pattern to make my Gridlock dress.  For both of my swing dress versions, I used the online PDF pattern since there was no book at the time, but you could now just as easily use the pattern included in this book.  And, if you go the book route, you don’t have to print and then tape together endless sheets of paper!  The book includes full-sized versions of all of the patterns, but they are printed on thick paper and all nested in a crazy web like typical Burda magazine patterns.  Tracing is required.  The book also includes a lot more instructions than what I remember came with the online PDF version, so there’s also that.

Every individual pattern in this book can be downloaded from for $5.99.  To help you out, I’ve linked to all the major patterns here.  Many of the book patterns are also associated with an additional variation, but I haven’t shown or linked to those for the sake of space.  If you like a pattern and are curious what other variations might be included with it, click on any of the links I’ve included (again, not affiliate links) and look in the description where it says, “This is the same pattern PDF as…”.  Those options should give you an idea of what else you can do with the patterns in this book.

Anyway, all this rambling is to stay – if you only like one or two of the patterns included in the book and if you’re comfortable using an online BurdaStyle pattern, you’re better off going the individual online PDF route.  Or, if you already have every BurdaStyle pattern ever made, then you already have every pattern offered in this book since it doesn’t include any new, made-just-for-the-book patterns.  But, if you find yourself taken with several of these patterns or if you like more detailed instructions and extra information on sewing technique, then this book is definitely worth it.

Sew Well - BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Wardrobe Essentials

The only other dress included in the book is the Cowl dress 10/2012 #118A. I remember when this pattern came out, and I think it was one of their best sellers for awhile.

The bottom row includes the Mini Skirt 08/2012 #135, a classic skirt shape with carry-everything pockets, and the Belted Coat 12/2012 #117.  The coat has really interesting style lines that hide pockets, and it reminds me of the robe-like coats I’ve been seeing this fall.

Sew Well - BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Wardrobe Essentials

The book includes lots of sets.  My favorite is the red Long Sleeve Blazer 08/2013 #106 and Editorial Pants 08/2013 #118C combo.  I’ve heard good things about BurdaStyle trouser patterns, and I’ve always wanted to try a pair.  There are two trouser patterns included in the book, but I like this one better because it’s not pleated.  But, if you’re more of a pleats person, the next pattern set is for you!

The middle row includes the Hip Length Blazer 04/2013 #101 and the Pleated Pants 04/2013 #103 trouser suit and the Boxy Jacket 09/2012 #101 and Pleated Mini-skirt 09/2012 #116A combo. I think the pink jacket and skirt combo looks particularly cute on their model (who’s holding a cake!?) in the fabrics they chose.

The bottom row includes the plaid Draped Tank 04/2013 #112B and Flared Skirt 04/2013 #118 and the cover garments, the Folded Yoke Blouse 10/2012 #122 and the Pocket Skirt 10/2012 #121B.  I find these last two intriguing.  I really want to know how the folded yoke and the kangaroo pocket would look in real life!

Sew Well - BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Wardrobe Essentials

Finally, the bulk of the book is made up of tops.  I’ve already shown you the one I made and the two in the sets, but there’s still five more!  The styling for the Three Quarter Blouse 06/2013 #119 was just too good not to make it the main photo for this collage.  To me it says:  make this shirt, and a man in a robe will appear on your bed.

The middle row includes the Gathered Blouse 07/2012 #116 and the Rouched Top 10/2012 #114A.

And, finally, the bottom row includes the Carmen Blouse 01/2013 #117 and the Inverse Pleat Blouse 09/2013 #118B.

So, by my count there’s 20 patterns in total, many of with included variations that I haven’t shown here. The book says there’s 21 patterns in total, but I think that’s because they’ve counted the cowl-neck top, a variation on the cowl dress, as its own separate pattern.  Regardless of how you make the count, it’s a lot of patterns.

One final thing worth noting that Jenny of Cashmerette pointed out:  this book does not include a large range of pattern sizes.  In the “BurdaStyle Patterns 101″ section of the book, it looks like the patterns should go to size 60 (66 1/4″ bust), but both the knit top and swing dress I made actually only go up to a 42 (37 3/4″ bust).  Other patterns go up to 44 (39 1/2” bust).  But, none of the patterns in their book appear to cover the top half of their size range.  Beth of Sunnygal Studio just raved about one of BurdaStyle’s plus patterns, so perhaps BurdaStyle should consider reaching out to their curvy customers with yet another book?!  With the backing of the Curvy Sewing Collective, that could be another hit BurdaStyle book!

Interweave/F+W sent me BurdaStyle Modern Sewing – Wardrobe Essentials for review.  All opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Burda Burda Burda!

  1. I really like the patterns in this book…and I’m happy to read that the wrap top worked out well, burda instructions can sometimes be a bit…flimsy.

    also, I noticed on Amazon a while ago that they have a plus sized book coming out next July.

  2. thanks for the extensive review, I have made the #106 long sleeve blazer and it got raves, it is a great pattern (although warning it is short so needs lengthening) I might just be tempted to buy this book as some of those skirts are really cute and it would save time and energy with taping together pdf’s, which I am just getting used to doing! happy holidays, Beth

    1. I just clicked through, and the book no longer appears to be on sale. It was when I wrote the post… I’m not sure if and when it might be on sale again. If you want it soon, Amazon has it for a bit cheaper!

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