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Sewing Gifts for the Holidays: To Infinity and Beyond!

Sew Well - Infinity Scarves

I kept Christmas present sewing to a minimum this year.  I made some infinity scarves for my sisters-in-law and a half of a shirt (with the other half promised as soon as possible!) for my husband.  Today you get the scarves.

The red is made from a beautiful drapey knit that was part of the stash giveaway from Susan.  The teal is a ribbed sweater knit that I picked up at FabMo ages ago.

Sew Well - Infinity Scarves

I imagined them being worn as a single layer, like my sister-in-law is here (with a tiny peek at her new baby, my new niece!):

Sew Well - Infinity Scarves

Or, doubled up as on my dress form below.

Sew Well - Infinity Scarves

These scarves were really easy.  For the red I began by cutting off one yard of the several yards I had on hand.  I then folded it in half, right sides together, matching the selvedges.  Then, I sewed along the selvedges to form a loop of fabric.  I trimmed off the selvedge ends and used my walking foot to flat-fell the seam for a nice finish.

Sew Well - Infinity Scarves

Would you believe this is my first ever flat-felled seam?!  For some reason I thought it was going to be a lot trickier than it really was.  It was so easy it motivated me to flat-fell the seams for my husband’s Christmas shirt!

When I picked up the teal from Fabmo, it came as one long knit tube.  Does anyone know why it would come like that or what it was meant for originally?  I never could figure it out, but it seemed perfect for an infinity scarf since all I had to do was cut it to size.

Sew Well - Infinity Scarves

A no-sew scarf!  Now, what’s the fun of that?!

Okay, now it’s your turn!  Did you craft for the holidays?  If so, did you go all out or did you take a minimalist approach, like me?  What are your favorite things to sew for others?

7 thoughts on “Sewing Gifts for the Holidays: To Infinity and Beyond!

  1. Christmas would not be Christmas without sewing at least one gift. Don’t you agree? This year it was a dress and a jumper for my 21-month-old granddaughter. You can see them on my recent post …

  2. These are really cute, I love the idea of using a fat felled seam, I’ve only done one once before and I’ve actually never thought about using it for an infinity scarf, which has led me t pass up many cute (and squishy!) knit fabrics because I couldn’t think of a way to make the seam neat!

    I feel silly now!

  3. These are so pretty and make great gifts! Lucky recipients! Oh, and rib knits are often knitted in a tube. It’s pretty common to see them in the Garment District.

  4. I totally craft for the holidays. 95% of my gifts for handmade/machine sewed. 🙂 Feel free to check out my blog for pics on projects made.

    I also enjoy making Infinities. Those two colors are great that you used. I love the blue especially


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