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Tuesdays with Claire: Remember Vogue 8333?

Sew Well - Tuesdays with Claire

Thanks for all of your feedback on my husband’s plaid shirt.  It got me thinking about ways to overcome little dips like that in the future, and one way I came up with was to have a slow sewing project going on in the background.  The obvious project for me to pick back up was Vogue 8333.  It’s crazy to think that I’ve been sewing long enough to have an unfinished project that’s two and a half years old.  But, I do.

If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, you might remember I used to do a lot of weekly series.  It all started when I took my first Craftsy class:  Gertie’s Sew Retro – Perfect Bombshell Dresses.  I found that I liked watching and completing the steps from a single video lesson in a week, and “Tuesdays with Gertie” was born.  I imagined continuing the series with Gertie’s second Craftsy class, the one on jacket construction that has long since disappeared from their site, and then her books.  But, I just couldn’t get her jacket to work for me (and I never ended up buying her books) and eventually switched my focus to Claire Shaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection Vogue 8333.  Tuesdays then became “Tuesdays with Claire“.

I got as far as cutting out the exquisite silk and wool blend fabric that I’d picked up from when life got hectic.  Plus, I’d also gotten more involved with the Bay Area sewing community and had begun dreaming of using the jacket as an excuse to study with Beth of Sunnygal Studio.

I never found the time.

Or, more precisely, I never made the time.

The cut jacket pieces have been patiently waiting for me to choose to make the time… for the last two and a half years.

Honestly, I still don’t have the time.  But, like the idea of having a backup project whenever my main project is getting me down.  Plus, I’m tired of seeing that beautiful fabric sitting in a basket in my sewing area waiting for me to magically find the time.  So, I’ve decided to try to get back into the habit of doing one thing a week on the jacket.  Or, maybe just one thing whenever I need the boost? I won’t ask you to hold me to it, but here’s to fostering good habits!

16 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Claire: Remember Vogue 8333?

  1. I so understand you … I have the same V8333 jacket by Claire waiting to be picked up. I like is very much but I need to make time for it. I am looking forward to see progress on yours 🙂

  2. Your attitude about this project reminds me of Nancy Zeman’s book “10, 20, 30 Minutes a Day”. (Or something like that.) The idea being you can spend 10-30 minutes on a project and eventually you’ll finish. The plus always for me has been if I sit at it for 10 minutes it turns into more & I get more done! Good luck! I know you’ll finish it! I always enjoy your blog!

  3. I too am sewing a tiny bit at a time on a larger project because that’s the only time I have right now. Also because I’m a complete beginner and I decided I wanted to make the Robson coat from Sewaholic and couldn’t possibly wait until I had more skills under my belt! So I’m with you, slow and steady wins the race.

  4. I bet this will be a fun project for you, no matter how long it takes! Jackets are really meditative sewing for me, I think because you know there’s no way to rush through it so there’s no temptation to hurry. I bet you will enjoy doing a little here and a little there. 🙂

  5. This sounds like an excellent idea. I really prefer not rushing through my projects, but instead spreading them out over several small sewing sessions. And if you have a busy life, it’s way more practical to just, say, sew one side seam while you’re waiting for dinner to come out of the oven, or something. And there’s no reason to rush. No deadline.

  6. Ooh, go for it! I don’t often make complicated projects, but when I do, it’s so much more fun to break them into small chunks and when it gets too much, make a knit dress or a t-shirt in between… 🙂

  7. When i get ‘stuck’ on a project and my motivation is gone i do one thing… It always gives me a kick start. Hope it goes well…

  8. Hi Amy, I have just bought this pattern and am a little mystified as to which fabrics i need to buy. I have the hair canvas and the non-weave fusible interfacing already but do I also need the other two types of interfacing? And what is the difference between the underlining and the lining. I feel like i have bitten off more than I can chew! Any advice?

    1. Hi Eleanor! I am embarrassed to admit that I haven’t made it much further in my jacket progress than thread tracing my cut out pattern pieces. I just can’t seem to make the time for it these days. But, I would recommend the Craftsy class I took on tailoring (reviewed here), which goes into fabrics and step-by-step tailoring techniques. Also, the lining is the fabric that is visible when you look at the inside of a jacket. It is often a smooth or silky fabric so that it won’t catch on whatever clothes you are wearing. The underlining is a fabric that is sandwiched between the outer fabric and the lining, and it is not visible once the garment is completed. In a heavy coat the underlining might be an extra layer added for warmth. In the case of this jacket, the underlining might be added to make a lighter fabric more opaque.

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