Keep Those Stitches Loose!

Sew Well wrap dress progress

Thank you guys so much for your encouraging comments on my last post – I was so nervous about blind stitching the facing down on my wrap dress!  I powered through and got the dress finished in time to wear it to breakfast with the friend who very generously let me borrow her vintage Vogue 1548 pattern.

Unfortunately, while I was able to keep my stitches mostly invisible on the top (see above), I was not so successful on the hem (see below). After wearing the dress for the day, I realized the difference between the top and the hem was the tension in the stitches.  You guys had warned me about making my stitches too tight!

Sew Well wrap dress progress

I’ve since released the tension from the hem, and things are looking a lot better.  Now I just need to get new photos…

The moral of the story: keep those stitches loose!

10 thoughts on “Keep Those Stitches Loose!

    1. Thanks! The fabric is a silk jersey, but it’s much thinner and drapier than previous silk jerseys I’ve worked with. Shows every lump and bump! Ha!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love that color with your skintone. Gotta give you mad props — I couldn’t even understand the directions for a blind stitch much less do it myself!!

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