The Newest BurdaStyle Book: BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

After enjoying BurdaStyle’s most recent books (Wardrobe Essentials and Dresses for Every Occasion), I just couldn’t wait to check out their newest release:  Full-Figure Fashion.  Just what patterns would the good people at BurdaStyle choose to put in?!

Okay, before I launch into the patterns, I should get through some of the nitty gritty.  The book contains “24 plus-size patterns for every day”, according to the cover.  By “every day” they seem to mean mostly separates.  And, I do count 24 patterns, if you don’t include the variations but do include the slip pattern as a separate dress.  There are nine blouse patterns (plus one variation), three skirt patterns, three pants patterns (plus one variation), four jacket patterns (plus one variation), and five dress patterns.

These patterns range in size from a BurdaStyle 44 (39.5″ bust) to 52 (48″ bust), which seems pretty typical for an upper range of pattern sizes from both indies and the big four – except for a few pattern lines like Connie Crawford’s at Butterick.

And, as always, the beginning of the book contains an introduction to sewing, and the end of the book contains a brief glossary and a pocket full of patterns.

Okay, I know you’re saying, “Enough already!  Get to the patterns that come with the book!”

As with the other books that BurdaStyle has released, this book is made up of previously released patterns, all of which are included as pull outs in the typical crazy magazine-spider-web style. But, if you like several of the patterns and don’t mind tracing from the tangle, then the price of the book would be worth it over buying the individual patterns. I’ve linked to them in case you are interested in looking into them a bit more.

First up are the blouse patterns:

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Satin Shirt (Plus Size) 12/2012 #147B

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Tie Blouse (Plus Size) 08/2013 #140

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Printed Tunic (Plus Size) 01/2013 #133A – UPDATE: See Tanya of Mrs. Hughes‘s version here.

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Peasant Blouse (Plus Size) 09/2013 #133

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Double Layer Tank (Plus Size) 05/2013

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Shawl Collar Top 12/2013 #132 – I’d never thought about how easy it would be to turn a plain top into a cowl-necked top by simply making an infinity scarf out of matching fabric.

And, now on to the top/skirt combos:

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Sectioned Tee (Plus Size) 02/2014 #137 / Skirt with Pockets (Plus Size) 02/2014 #139

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Knit T-Shirt (Plus Size) 10/2012 #143 / Pencil Skirt (Plus Size) 10/2012 #145

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

V-Neck Top (Plus Size) 07/2012 #136 / Okay, I could only find this skirt in dress form. Did I overlook it online? Was it just released in magazine form in July 2012?  It’s hard for me to imagine it wasn’t originally released as a part of this collection since the model is wearing it in the shot above, which is also the shot used online for the top pattern! UPDATE: The skirt pattern is on the German BurdaStyle site here. Thanks Sartorietta!

Our first variation – leave the ties off the wrap-front top for an off-the-shoulder v-neck top:

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

I also couldn’t find this top variation.  I assumed it would be 07/2012 #136B or something – but, I had no luck finding such a pattern online.  It’s the same sailor and model, so I assumed it must have been released the same month, July 2012, right?!  Again, maybe it made it into the magazine but not online?  Or, maybe it wasn’t actually billed as a separate pattern since it’s the wrap top without the wrap?  Does anyone know?! UPDATE: The v-neck top pattern is on the German BurdaStyle site here. Thanks Sartorietta!

Now we’ve got the jacket/pant combos and their variations:

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Trendy Waistcoat (Plus Size) 12/2012 #149 / Stretch Trousers (Plus Size) 12/2012 #148

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Long Blazer (Plus Size) 08/2012 #142A / Straight Leg Pants (Plus Size) 08/2012 #148B

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Banded Neck Blazer (Plus Size) 08/2012 #142B

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Pencil Slacks (Plus Size) 08/2012 #148A

A couple more jackets:

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Loose Jacket (Plus Size) 01/2013 #127 – UPDATE: See Laurwyn of QuirkyPrettyCute‘s version here.

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Draped Jersey Jacket (Plus Size) 01/2013 #129 – Hmmm… None of these jackets have closures…

And, a last lone pair of pants:

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

I couldn’t find these pants, either. Help! Does anyone recognize them? UPDATE: The pants pattern is on the German BurdaStyle site here. Thanks Sartorietta!

Finally, we have our dresses:

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Scoop Neck Dress (Plus Size) 07/2012 #139 – I was curious if Beth of Sunnygal Studio Sewing’s recent favorite of 11/2013 #133B would make the cut, but it didn’t.  Maybe this one would fit similarly?

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Draped Dress (Plus Size) 12/2012 #144 – From what little I can tell from this shot, I think this dress looks stunning on the model. UPDATE: See Mary of Young Broke and Fabulous’ version here.

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

Summer Dress (Plus Size) 04/2013 #131 – In my pattern count, I’ve tallied these two as separate dress patterns in order to get to 24 total patterns without counting any of the variations.

Sew Well + BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

40s Style Shirtdress (Plus Size) 08/2013 #138 – This dress is probably my favorite of the bunch, mostly because I really like the styling and that fabric.  But, I can’t seem to find anyone online who’s made it.  Anyone?  Anyone? UPDATE: See Michelle of Happily Caffeinated‘s version here.

Okay, that’s it!  So, what do you think? Any patterns here pique your interest?  Enough to justify getting the book?  What do you hope to see from BurdaStyle next?

UPDATE:  For those of you clicking through from GOMI, I’m sorry if I offended you by accepting this book for review.  I was offered this book by Interweave/F+W, not BurdaStyle, and I’m pretty sure that Interweave/F+W just wanted to connect a sewing book with a sewing blogger and didn’t think too much about size. I figured I wasn’t going to be able to fit any of the patterns from this book, but I thought that it would be good for the broader sewing community to see what patterns were included. I appreciate and completely understand that many of you would have liked to have seen more than just a list of the patterns.

UPDATE: I gave this book to Michelle of Happily Caffeinated so that it could get a more thorough review on the Curvy Sewing Collective. You can find her review here.  For what it’s worth, the Curvy Sewing Collective actually reviewed a few of these patterns already since many of them were also included in the BurdaStyle Plus Size Essentials Collections that was released awhile ago. I’ve updated the pattern listings above with the relevant links. You can find the recap of their blog tour here.

Interweave/F+W sent me BurdaStyle Modern Sewing – Full-Figure Fashion for review.  All opinions are my own.

28 thoughts on “The Newest BurdaStyle Book: BurdaStyle Modern Sewing Full-Figure Fashion

  1. None of the models are plus size – very disappointing! And very few of the patterns contain interesting details.

    1. Yeah, a lot of the patterns are simple shapes with darts. Maybe marketing suggests those sorts of patterns sell more books? But, some of them have a bit more style, like the interesting darts on the Bohemian Spring Printed Tunic or the front panel on the Day to Night Draped Dress. Also, maybe if one of the simpler shapes worked, then it could become a tried and true (TNT) pattern of sorts, and a lot of more complicated looks could be made from it – sort of like what Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic does with her darted dress TNT.

  2. I made the Draped Dress (Day to Night) a couple of years ago….it is stunning, and I found it very easy to fit, and very flattering. I made it for a summer party at a resort, so I used silk crepe de chine and changed the long sleeve to a cap sleeve.

  3. Actually I love that Scoop neck dress, it is nice to see a unique and unusual detail. I would be tempted to buy this book as you get a LOT for the price. I have had a lot of success with these BurdaStyle books and patterns so I will definitely look at it.

    1. I would really like to see the Scoop Neck Dress on more people. The two that I was able to find online looked great, but one had sized the pattern down two sizes so it wasn’t really a plus sized pattern anymore. But, I bet you could make a stunning version of this dress for one of your clients!

      With all of these books you get a lot for the price. But, you still have to want enough of the patterns to make it worth it. I wish you were close enough that I could share the book with you!

      1. Hi! I see you on the MSN blog! I am getting this book and am making a plus version of this dress! So surprised to see you here!

  4. I am so disappointed and let down by BurdaStyle US – specifically the way they bungled the magazine – there is so much love for the product, but they need to be more open and communicative with US readers and potential customers. Having said that I would recommend these books to new sewers – especially the dress and “basics” volumes. I just wish they had been clearer about their plans for the magazine.

    1. What are your big issues with the magazine? I have to admit that I haven’t bought any of the BurdaStyle US magazines. I have looked through two though and was a bit confused to find that not all of the patterns were included, but I thought that they had since moved to providing all of the patterns shown in the magazine.

      1. Because this is my one ranty issue…

        The very first issue of the magazine had all of the patterns. That was the format they “sold”. It was year old patterns but not many were too upset about that.

        The next issue *poof*, the “extra” patterns were available on the site at the full price of $5.99. After the internet exploded, they went BACK to including all the patterns in the magazine.

        However, the first issue this was to start with was Summer 2015. Well, the “summer” issue is really just an exact dupe of the May 2015 international Burda magazine.

        It’s annoying. I subscribe to the UK edition via GLP News so I have no interest in the US Edition, but yeah, they bungled it. Big time.

      2. Oh no. I didn’t know that. It’s too bad that they’re now just reprinting international issues as US issues. Maybe instead of trying to get more patterns to their loyal customers, they are hoping to reach new customers who don’t know of their other formats? It’s a shame though for those that already know how to get the international issues. In the same vein, these books are all just repackagings of old patterns as well… I only have a few old Burda magazines though, so I don’t mind having these new collections in my library.

      3. And you know…I almost bought one of the other books. And I think the books are awesome because they’re far more detailed than the mag. So I can see that…

        I could even see the repacking in the US edition and if they would have just left it the same…it would be fine. Because they did a really good job in that first issue of pulling popular patterns.

      4. Mostly that they promised one thing and delivered a completely different thing – but it’s a long story. There’s a 23 page thread on PR about it! It just upsets me because I LOVE Burdastyle – it’s the foundation of my sewing – and it makes me mad because they mishandled the US launch of the magazine to the extent that it seems to be more or less DOA (there is a summer issue, but it’s not what was promised and is getting zero promotion which makes me think Interweave wants it to go die quietly in a corner).

  5. Just returning to sewing and haven’t tried Burda yet. I like the darts on Bohemian Spring and the off the shoulder V-neck. It looks like a nicely put together book, though.

    1. I think it’s worth it to try out a BurdaStyle pattern. They are pretty inexpensive if you don’t mind taping together pdfs. Sometimes you can also find them at the library if you don’t mind tracing a pattern off the mess of lines from their pattern sheets. Some can even be found in typical pattern form at your local sewing store. Or, there are books like these that are worth it if you think you’d make up several of the patterns.

  6. I have most of these patterns in my Burda magazine collection but i think i would recommend the book to anyone who doesn’t have the mags.

    1. Sometimes I wish I collected Burda magazines, but then I think I’d probably be paralyzed with choice! So many patterns! So little time! 🙂

  7. I have made up the Long Loose Jacket – it is very nice and simple but the sleeve draft is off and I had lots of trouble with it. Eventually I tossed it and used another sleeve. All these patterns have been previously available in the Burda Monthly and the Biannual Plus Magazine. It is a little annoying to be excited about a new Burda publication and find that it is just a rehash (well not even that as they used the same photos) of previous. This is the reason I no longer buy Burda which is a pity as they are really good patterns.

    1. Yeah, all of their books have just been collections of previously released patterns. If you haven’t been collecting the magazines and like several of the patterns, then they’re better than buying the patterns individually. But, if you’re someone who already has a giant collection of Burda patterns, then these books are probably not for you. That’s one of the reasons I try to show all of the patterns and link to their online release – just so no one rushes out to buy the book only to find that they either already have all of the patterns or don’t like many of the patterns. As for the Long Loose Jacket, I’m sorry to hear about the sleeves. I’ve actually had trouble with the sleeves on a previous BurdaStyle pattern that I made – the arm hole was so low that I had no range of movement. I didn’t think to try using another sleeve… Thanks for the idea!

  8. I suffer from not being a normal shaped woman. (even before I became a plus size.) I don’t gain weight in my hips, thighs and butt, but just around my middle and in my arms and bust. So anything with a waist, or empire waist, just makes me look pregnant. Now that I am a plus size I haven’t figured out how to dress this figure I seem to be stuck with. I really appreciate that you showed what patterns were in this book! Only a few of the tops would really look like anything on me, so I won’t waste my money on the book. And I look best in a V-neck, and I didn’t see any pattern with a V-neck line that didn’t have the wrong waistline for my figure. You saved me from buying something that I would have been very disappointed with and not really able to use. Thank you very much for you review!

    1. You’re welcome! I do think it’s helpful to see all of the patterns included in the BurdaStyle book series since they tend to just pull from their previously published collection. The book is a good deal if you think you’d make several of the patterns, but it would be a waste of money if you only liked one or two – or, as in your case, if none of the patterns would work for you. I’m happy to hear that you have a pretty good idea what you like to wear. I’m still trying to figure that out for myself! I often get too caught up in wanting to make what’s trendy and what everyone else is making, only to realize I don’t like it on me!

  9. I stumbled across this book in a store today, and bought it off the knowledge that Burda patterns work pretty well on me. Then I thought I ought to check out the reviews. Thanks for this – they might not be your size but this is a wonderfully thorough review and I wish I’d seen it when I hurriedly searched for reviews in the store! Thanks!

    1. Thanks! Your comment means a lot to me. If you like most of the patterns in the book, then it’s definitely worth getting it over buying the patterns separately. If you would like to read another review and see one of the dresses actually made up, I passed my copy of the book on to Michelle of Happily Caffeinated. I linked to her review at the bottom of my post.

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