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Gridlock Redux

Sew Well - Gridlock Redux

Ages ago when I had oodles of time, I used to participate in just about everything I could find in the online sewing world. Even contests held by Australian fabric companies requiring fabric from their store! I justified having fabric shipped half way around the world by planning out my project well in advance of both ordering and receiving the fabric.

In the case of the “Gridlock” fabric you see here, which was the focus of a Tessuti contest back in 2013, I planned out a faux-wrap dress that combined a modified version of the bodice from the BurdaStyle Swing Dress 08/2012 #133 pattern (first made here) with the skirt from the Sewaholic Lonsdale (first made here). I wrote about the dress here, but the photo below shows you what it looked it in the end.

SW Gridlock 5

The problem was that when the fabric arrived in the mail, it was much too thick for the top I had in mind. But, I didn’t alter my plans. Maybe because I was excited about them? Maybe because I felt committed to them after all of the time I’d spent on them? Maybe because I just didn’t really know better at the time?

I even continued with my plan to self-line the front pieces! The faux-wrap front meant there were four thick layers of fabric between my belly and the world! I might as well have been wearing armor!

SW Gridlock 4

I wore the dress a good number of times because I did like the overall look, and my husband was very complimentary of it, but, ultimately, I knew I’d made a mistake in pairing this fabric with my modified bodice pattern.

The easy solution: off with its head!

Sew Well - Gridlock Redux

Inspired by my recently finished teal skirt, I took out my seam ripper and separated bodice from skirt. I used part of the long waist ties for the new waistband after first adding interfacing. I kept the original invisible zipper, ripping just enough of it out so that I could add the waistband to the skirt and then stitching the zipper back into the top of the skirt and into the new waistband as well.

Sew Well - Gridlock Redux

The end result is essentially a Sewaholic Hollyburn, one of Pattern Review’s best skirts of 2015. And… I really like it. There’s a reason Tasia of Sewaholic turned the skirt from the Lonsdale dress into its own pattern. I have to admit that I have a huge crush on Sewaholic Patterns, despite not being pear shaped myself. I keep missing their pattern sales though. I was debating getting the Pacific leggings and the Dunbar top (well, the whole Vancouver collection, if I’m honest!) during the recent buy-one-get-one-free sale, but somehow the week got away from me. My sense of time is so weird these days…

Sew Well - Gridlock Redux

Anyway, back to the skirt. My husband was a little sad when I showed my new skirt to him. He really liked the dress.  But, he likes everything I make that’s blue (he’s colorblind, and blues really jump out to him), and I’ve essentially halved the amount of blue in this garment by refashioning it from a dress into a skirt. What I need to do is pair it with a blue jacket and then ask him what he thinks of the skirt!

Sew Well - Gridlock Redux

Because I didn’t modify the skirt at all during this refashion, the original pockets included in the Sewaholic Lonsdale (and Hollyburn) pattern were retained. I like pockets in skirts and dresses, but I’ve gotten in the habit of skipping side seam pockets since I don’t like the bulk in most cases. I really like these pockets here though. They lay flat and are at a nice angle for my hands. I also like the pockets on Vogue V1247 – maybe that’ll have to be my next skirt?!

Sew Well - Gridlock Redux

Between this skirt, my recently posted teal one, another one on the sewing table, and now dreams of a new one from Vogue V1247, 2016 is turning into the year of skirts for me! Watch out world! It’s getting fancy over here!

14 thoughts on “Gridlock Redux

  1. What gorgeous fabric! I liked the dress too but you were the one that had to wear it 😉
    The skirt is lovely. And you’ll get so much more use out of that beautiful fabric now.

    1. I did like the idea of the dress, but it was just too stiff through the center front of the bodice. It’ll definitely get a lot more wear now!

    1. I was nervous about chopping up the dress, which is why it took me a couple of years to actually go through with it. But, in that time I only wore it a handful of times, far less than my usual dresses. I think it’ll get a lot more wear this way!

    1. I may have to give the dress idea another shot, but I’ll definitely choose a lighter fabric! I think one of the reasons I had the confidence to finally cut this dress up is because my recent Boundless Style dress was similar in design but is a lot for fun to wear. So, at least I still have a fun blue dress in my closet! And, yes, Sewaholic does make nice pockets!

  2. What a lovely fabric! It’s a shame that the original dress didn’t work out, because it was pretty. But it does look great as a skirt, too. And I’m sure it’s much more versatile in this form!

  3. Excellent use of a less-than-perfect (to you) dress! The skirt is fab. I absolutely love the Hollyburn pattern – so quick to sew up and just always looks good!

  4. I like both the dress and now the skirt, it was a great decision if you will wear it more now! The fabric was to pretty not to wear…especially if the hubs likes it!

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