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Five Funky Running Skirts

I've considered myself a runner for most of my life.  I ran recreationally when I was little, and then, at the age of 16, I started running competitively, which is when running really took ahold of me. I made time to run nearly every day from then until the third trimester of my pregnancy.  I would have kept… Continue reading Five Funky Running Skirts

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Tutorial: Adding Pockets to a Knit Waistband

I recently got inspired to make a million running skirts.  And by a million, I mean five.  But, making five felt like a million because assembly line sewing means even when you're on the next to last step, you still have so much left to do!  Especially when deconstructing a ready-to-wear waistband pocket modification is… Continue reading Tutorial: Adding Pockets to a Knit Waistband