Sewing in Seattle

Sewing in Seattle - Home of the World's Largest Needle (see the list at

I’ve started these lists in the hopes of bringing together the wonderful sewing community around the greater Seattle area.  All of the Seattle area meet ups that I’ve been lucky enough to attend can be found under the tag Seattle Seamsters Meet Up.  If you see something in these lists that I’m missing or if something’s on here that shouldn’t be, let me know.  Also, leave a comment with a link if you have written anything online about the Seattle area sewing community. Thanks!

Sewing, Quilting, and Knitting Groups

Sewing and Knitting Conferences

Sewing Classes

Fabric Shops

Yarn Shops

Independent Pattern Designers

Sewing and Quilting Blogs





39 thoughts on “Sewing in Seattle

    1. Oooh! I haven’t heard of that blog before. I just did a google search, and I couldn’t find anything. Do you know the blog’s website address?

      1. I follow her on bloglovin and the name is (sorry for the confusion) Fake It While You Make It. She’s funny and honest and great sewist/knitter

    1. I didn’t know you had a dedicated sewing blog. It looks great! Oh, and I’m feeling fine. I’m having the big pre-labor signs, but since this is my first, I guess it’s normal for pre-labor signs to last for weeks and weeks!

  1. Hello! Can you add a link to Esther’s fabric on Bainbridge island? And I started a little blog but am rather new at blogging. I am attending the ASG banquette on the Saturday of Puyallup so would love to meet fellow sewist at the Expo. Anyone planning on going then? I’ve also started knitting so am loving Churchmouse but it’s putting a cramp in my sewing style!

  2. Hi Amy, I just joined the local ASG. They have a listing of local stores and classes, as well as a yahoo group. (And the logo is the Space Needle with a giant needle as the center!) Besides the neighborhood groups and interest groups, there are a couple of sewing retreats each year. Ten percent discount at most of the local stores, and the national ASG connection provides discounts at Taunton Press, Vogue fabrics, etc.

  3. Thank you for adding me to the Seattle area sewers blog roll! I thought you might want to check out a couple more Seattle area sewing resources: vianhunter. com on Madison occasionally has remnants of her locally designed fashions. A gem if a store, it’s worth a pop in to ogle the design room in the back (floor to ceiling rolls of fabric!). And Lisa is fantastic! I felt completely welcome even as I snoop shopped her designs. Of course I purchased multiple yards of her fabulous fabrics too!

  4. The list of Seattle bloggers keeps growing! If you haven’t checked it out since I first wrote about this page, I highly recommend you take a look through again!

  5. Thanks for adding my blog! Just a quick note of a couple of additions to your list of fabric stores–Lynnwood has both a JoAnn’s and a Hancock fabrics.

  6. There is a DELIGHTFUL yarn shop in northern Kent (near Ikea) called Makers Mercantile. I don’t even knit, and I *love* that store! Lots of eye candy… and a gluten free bakery inside, too!

    Your list includes Joann Fabrics, but not the Southcenter location – a mega store!

    Hobby Lobby also has nice fabrics (multiple locations, north and south)

    Fabric on-line; add BUG FABRIC.COM owned by a Redmond woman and has been in business for many years. She has lots more than kid fabrics!

    There are 30 quilts hops in Western WA listed on the Shop Hop website

    … and there are MORE quilt shops that find participation too expensive; not on the list. There are two very nice quilt shops in Anacortes: (can only think of 1 right now)
    In Stitches

    There are two fabric bloggers I that I know that are not on the list:
    Pam Cole in Kirkland has two blogs:

    Pam Kartak in Redmond

    Dare I add that some Walmarts also sell yardage! OK, maybe we don’t always sew heirloom projects requiring the BEST fabric. The Bellevue-Factoria location has LOTS of fabric, the Auburn store near the Super Mall, too… and some others. Walmart in Eastern WA has a BIG fabric dept.

    1. Oh! I do hope you’ll consider the move. The Bay Area holds a special place in my heart, but after one year here in Seattle, I am just as attached! We bought a house and are firmly planting our roots. It’s a great city. Let me know if you plan to visit to try it out!

  7. Dear Professional Seamstress,
    My name is Miri Kim, and I’m a student at Mountlake Terrace High school. I’m doing my senior engineering project this year. My project is to design and make a student backpack for that is better than the backpacks we have now. I would like to use several different unusual fabrics, including fabrics that are waterproof and fabrics that change color. Sewing these fabrics will likely require some well-developed technical skills, which I do not have. Therefore, I need some help and guidance from an experienced seamstress to assist me with sewing these unique fabrics… either by hand or maybe by using a heavy duty sewing machine.
    I would love to find mentor who can support me. If you would be willing to help me, I would really appreciate it! Mentoring me would involve the following commitment: it would require talking regularly for about 5 months… from now till March or so. We could communicate by emailing, by phone call, and by meeting together sometimes. Meeting times can be determined early in our discussions, but I am thinking one day a week for 30 minutes or so each time. Soon, we might need to actually meet together to work on cutting and sewing, and I would be able to come to your location and meet you there. There might also be occasional invitations to come to the high school to support me as I present my project.
    If you can help me with this sewing project, please contact me in an email :

    Thank you!

  8. Hi!!! My name is Olivia and I just found your lovely site!! I’m from Seattle and have a sewing blog as well if you want to check it out – the address is 🙂 I don’t know many Seattle sewers so it is great to find this list!!

    1. Oh! I forgot to mention that I’m a chemist and now a engineer doing my PhD in Materials science and engineering – it’s fabulous to know another sewing scientist!

  9. Hello 🙂 My name is Melanie McKinley. I own Details Sewing ( and am wondering if you can add me to one of your lists. I am an educator as well. I do private or group classes. have worked as a children’s instructor at a local fabric store

  10. Do any of these businesses offer weekend retreats ? I’m about 4 hours away I really want to learn to sew and serg but dont live there :/ I know some do a retreat idk if anybody has had any experience with them, I’m still only doing extremely basic sewing and need help from the basics on up.

    1. I know the local American Sewing Guild groups do weekend retreats, and from what I’ve heard they are a lot of fun. You should definitely look into those! I also know the Sewing and Design School in Tacoma hosts several day long classes, but I’m not sure if they’re retreat style – my guess is that they are probably go home or go back to a hotel sort of classes. I’ll look into others though and let you know what I find.

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